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Are you looking to buy or sell a home/house in Fairfax County VA? Contact Brandon Leppo,, for a free consultation today! It could take 12-18 months of preparing (building/repairing credit, saving down payment, paying off debt etc.) to put plan together to find your next perfect home!!!

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Brandon was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of finding our rental home. Though we had many requirements for our situation, he was patient in pursuing the correct space to fit out needs. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Having a hard time finding the home for you..

Are you thinking about selling your home and want the best price? Well, then you have to prepare your home, so that it is up to the mark, before it hits the market. For the best deal, you also have to get the best real estate agent in Fairfax, VA. However, here we will talk about preparing your home for sale. Fairfax, VA homes for sale have a standard, which you have to follow in order to get the maximum benefit.

Obviously; you want your home to look the best in all, but there are so many things which you cannot change about your house like the location, style and size. If you want to change the latter two, you have to spend a huge amount of money, which will lower down your profit. So, by improving following inexpensive things, you can increase your chance to get a good sale.
• You can touch up the interior and exterior of your house like painting, cleaning, etc.
• Decide the price of your home within the range from the neighborhood by researching the price range of the area from various estate agents.
• Get the best agent, who has the knowledge about your area.
By working on these three points, you can increase the market value of your house and make good money. For more details, you can contact